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Lost wallet in Kyoto 2016/8/7 19:47
I lost my wallet in Kyoto two days ago. It's red, blue and green and says NAtural history museum on the front. I think I lost it at either Kitsune or surf disco clubs or anywhere nearby, please help!!
by roz55kelly (guest)  

Re: Lost wallet in Kyoto 2016/8/8 08:44
Please report the same details of your lost item to the police near where you think you lost it, or near Kyoto station, and check back on all the shops/clubs you've been to to ask if they found anything.
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Re: Lost wallet in Kyoto 2016/8/8 21:43
I agree with the other poster, but first you should contact the places (such as the museum) that you just mentioned, because facilities usually keep lost-and-found items for several days before they surrender it to the police.
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