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Ginzan Onsen single occupancy question 2016/8/8 02:01

I am interested in spending one night in a Ginzan ryokan by myself between Christmas and New Years. Can anyone provide me specific ryokans that will allow a single person to book a room without paying for two people? Or does every ryokan in that area require a two-person payment?
by coughingpillows  

Re: Ginzan Onsen single occupancy question 2016/8/8 16:37
You may be better off emailing Japanican or Japan Guest Houses for an answer. Unsure if they are responsive but you can try Jalan or Rakuten too.
by jh (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Ginzan Onsen single occupancy question 2016/8/8 23:11
Thank you jh,

Japan Guesthouses responded and they told me this:

"Sorry but in Notoya-Ginzan we have had too much trouble with single guests so we will not make reservations for single guests anymore in the Ginzan Onsen area."

They only have a few ryokans from that area in their website so I'll keep looking.

I might have to pay for two people if I want to visit. I really hope it's worth it if it comes to that!
by coughingpillows rate this post as useful

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