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Oda: Kotogahara Beach to Yunotsu Onsen 2016/8/8 19:37

I would like to consult about our planned day itinerary in Oda:
1. Iwami Ginzan (morning/early afternoon)
2. Nima Sand Museum (afternoon)
3. Kotogahara Beach (until sunset?)
4. Yunotsu Onsen (evening)

My questions:

- For those who have been there, is Nima Sand Museum worth the visit? The outside buildings look impressive, but I'm not sure if spending much time inside is worth it...

- Can we get a taxi ride from Maji Station near Kotogahara Beach to Yunotsu Onsen station? If yes, around how much would it cost? The train intervals are ridiculously infrequent, we can't enjoy the beach without spending too much or too little time there...

- Where do you recommend to see sunset? around Yunotsu Onsen or around Kotogahara Beach? Or either?

- Aside from the onsen mentioned in this website, any other suggestions places to visit or eat (dinner) around Yunotsu Onsen?

Thank you very much for any thoughts or comments!
by sven (guest)  

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