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Sending moon cake to Japan by parcel 2016/8/10 16:46
Hi guys i'm Darren. in less than a month time , it will be lunar moon festival. i thought of sending some moon cakes to my friend in japan, however i'm not sure whether sending moon cake to japan is possible? and does japanese celebrate lunar moon festival too? please give me some guidance. thank you in advance !
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Re: Sending moon cake to Japan by parcel 2016/8/10 18:53
In Japan it is harvest moon viewing event, when people might place rice flour based sweets and put some Japanese silver grass leaves on the balcony, but it is not that big a "festival," and it is not a holiday either.

I guess you must be living in China, Hong Kong or Vietnam if you say you celebrate it - your friend in Japan will certainly enjoy that as a gift from your culture. We don't have the custom of gibing moon cakes as a gift on that occasion. There are many moon cake manufacturers in Japan too, though.

You'd need to check with the post office whether sweets can be shipped. Back some years ago, import of moon cake into Japan was prohibited due to some meat extract? used in them. And even if it's OK, be sure the moon cakes withstand the posting and the heat during transit.
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Re: Sending moon cake to Japan by parcel 2016/8/10 19:02
Thank you for your kind reply ak san! Well I'm a Singaporean, once in a while I will send gift to this female friend of mine that is working in a ryokan. I hope that moon cake could be sent over to Japan.
Once again thank you very much!
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