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Where to find Ghibli Zippo Lighter 2016/8/20 16:59
Hi there,

My son and I visited Japan last July and he found a zippo lighter in a shop that he absolutely loved. It was for display only and he couldnt buy it. He was so disappointed as it was from one of his favourite anime movies, "Laputa" - Studion Ghibli

I have since returning tried everywhere online to get the lighter, including 2nd hand option etc on the likes of ebay etc - but no luck.

I am returning to Japan soon with my wife and I would like to try and find the lighter there and surprise my son on our return. Can anyone suggest places / shops / areas I could try and find it. I even wrote an email off to Studio Ghibli museum (which we visited) but had no luck.

The model is: Zippo Lighter Castle in the Sky NZ-26 Studio Ghibli Robot Soldier Laputa Japan

Any input would greatly be appreciated!:D

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Re: Where to find Ghibli Zippo Lighter 2016/8/21 00:59
Well, here:


I think it was pretty limited and currently not being produced. you need a shopping service for that

if you are willing to pay so much money
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Re: Where to find Ghibli Zippo Lighter 2016/8/21 12:27

It's is this one I believe - and sold out.

One unused one I found on Yahoo! auction is over 30,000 yen already:
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Re: Where to find Ghibli Zippo Lighter 2016/8/21 18:02
Thank you guys for your suggestions. One of the links is the one im after and the auction ends in 5 hours. trying to register now! :D
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