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SAL shipping from Japan to USA 2016/8/25 04:01
Hey there I recently ordered an item from Tenso and used SAL shipping. The problem is, is that it has been 16 days since the last update on the tracking. The tracking number is RM509127458JP if you'd like to take a look. I paid 18 usd for the shipping and it said 7-14 days max til it gets here. Anyone know if somethings going on with Japan Post right now? Thank ya
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Re: SAL shipping from Japan to USA 2016/8/25 11:32
That doesn't sound out of the ordinary. SAL packages might not be trackable once they leave Japan and your package is most likely sitting in customs stateside. You can try contacting the port of entry to see if your package is there.

Also keep in mind that 7-14 days max delivery time is a pretty optimistic estimate. The Japan Post website lists 2 weeks to the west coast, but these estimates are unpredictable and are often delayed on the receiving end by customs.
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Re: SAL shipping from Japan to USA 2016/8/25 15:05
The parcel had already left Japan. There is no further info from US, therefore the update has cesed from August 8. The update may re-start updating once the US postal or courier service sends further details, it mays be tomorrow or three month later, nobody knows.
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Re: SAL shipping from Japan to USA 2016/8/25 15:13
Just as the tracking for a parcel sent via First Class International or Global Priority from the USA to Japan becomes unavailable as soon as it leaves the States, tracking for regular SAL stops when it leaves Japan.

It is very likely that it is sitting in customs, so check with your local post office or international port of entry post office with your tracking number to see if it is there, or if any attempt at delivery has been made already (but someone failed to leave a note).

Still I agree with yllwsmrf that max. 14 days was a very optimistic estimate they gave.
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Re: SAL shipping from Japan to USA 2016/8/25 18:13
Agreed. Most SAL packages are listed as 2-5 weeks.
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