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Ryokan booking in Osatsu 2016/8/26 22:11
We are planning a trip to Ise-Shima in May 2017. One of the places we plan to visit and stay at is Osatsu. We found a ryokan by the name of Nakagawa なか川 and booked for three nights (25th, 26th and 27th May 2017). Here is the ryokan's website:

Upon completion of the booking (14th Aug 2016) under my wife's name, Christina(クリスティーナ), we were told by the website that a confirmation will be sent through. We have not received the confirmation after waiting for two weeks.

Checking through the Nakagawa website, we are unable to find any e-mail address that we can write to.

We did find a Osatsu-cho Tourist Association and an e-mail address via a search on the internet. We wrote to them (in English) a week ago and there has also not been a reply.

As we only understand very basic Japanese, we may have missed something from the Nakagawa website. May we request for help from someone, perhaps a kind staff working in Japan? We are not sure if the booking is confirmed, and without the confirmation, we are unable to proceed with the rest of our booking and planning.

Many thanks in advance!

by Yeoster  

Re: Ryokan booking in Osatsu 2016/8/27 11:51

If still no luck, you may try to seek help from: .
I think the minshuku owner is an Ama diver herself.
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Re: Ryokan booking in Osatsu 2016/8/30 17:53
You might be able to communicate with the landlady here.
by biwakoman rate this post as useful

Re: Ryokan booking in Osatsu 2016/8/30 18:02
I was just about to come into this thread to report that writing to wasn't helpful. They just replied to us, saying that they couldn't help and they are just a restaurant.

Thank you for the twitter link. We will try to get in touch with the landlady there.

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Re: Ryokan booking in Osatsu 2016/8/30 18:51
Japanican exist for this reason. If not try the local tourist information office. Google it.
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Re: Ryokan booking in Osatsu 2016/8/30 21:11
We know about Japanican and had done a search there. We did not find interesting accommodation options in Osatsu from there.

We have also already tried the local tourist information office, i.e. Osatsu-cho Tourist Association (see my original post above). There wasn't a reply from them.
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