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same day black cat 2016/8/29 11:02
Hi Everyone,

My friends and I want to ship our luggage from Shibuya in the morning at 10am to Hanada International airport. I know we could store our bags in the lockers at Shibuya station while we look around tokyo for the day, but then we have to make sure we go back to that station before we go to the airport. Out flight leaves at 1am on Sunday. We would like to pick up our luggage at the airport around 10pm.

Is this possible?
Is there a 711 or something around Shibuya where we could drop the luggage off? We would need to fill out the forms at the shop.

Thank you
by Taylorcat (guest)  

Re: same day black cat 2016/8/29 17:36
I don't think they do same day delivery. You'd have to check their website to make 100% sure.

I think with that and you very late pick up time. You'd probably be better off with lockers.
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Re: same day black cat 2016/8/29 19:16
You can always ask the hotel to keep the luggage for you, most will be ok, but yeh you can put them in Jr or metro station lockers if they luggage fits in.
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Re: same day black cat 2016/8/29 20:11
With delivery to an airport, where delivery timing is critical, Black Cat usually asks that you ship it out two days in advance of your departure, not the usual one day in advance, so I don't think that is possible.
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Re: same day black cat 2016/8/29 20:33
Items must be sent at least two in advance
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