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japanese robot movie b&w 2005/3/19 18:34
I'm looking for the name, etc. of a movie I saw in approx 2000. A film student showed me a film that was black & white, with a robot, still-frame animation with "real" robots. I remember the robot screws a girl or another robot? after growing a huge screw in the middle of his metal abdomen. I have no idea of the year it was made. There were a lot of metallic, scratching sounds in the soundtrack (can't remember if there was dialogue, subtitles, or music)... I've already tried several online ways of finding the name of this film. Please help!
by christina weigle  

Japanese robot movie 2005/3/29 15:14
Hi Christina, the name of the film you're looking for is Tetsuo (aka The Ironman) made in 1988 by the director Shinya Tsukamoto. I don't know where you live but I know it's available on dvd in Britain and the US.
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THANK YOU 2005/3/31 11:50
thank you! i think i may have come across this movie, but i couldn't remember it all. my friend reminded me that the robot starts out as a man. THANKS A TON!
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part two 2005/6/2 01:24
you might also want to watch the sequel. tesuo:bodyhammer
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Japanese TV series with a robot family 2006/1/9 16:06
In the late sixties and early seventies there was a Japanese television series that depicted a family (mom, dad and child) that could transform from human looking to flying jet rockets. I can't remember what the show was called and I cannot find any information on the show at all. Anyone out there remember details on it? It might have been a series of movies but I really think it was a tv show.
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Magma Taishi 2006/1/11 14:51
I'm not sure but you can google with "Magma Taishi" or "Ambassador Magma"
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Japanese tv show with robots. 2006/1/11 15:01
That was a good start but the tv show I referred to was live action, not anime. There was a father, mother and child (human looking) but when emergencies occurred they could pull in their arms and legs and they turned into flying jet rockets. I believe the show was on in the US in early to mid seventies. It was definitely in Japanese and dubbed over with the english language.
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Re: Japanese tv show with robots. 2006/1/11 16:45
I assumed you are familiar with google, sorry for that.
Try "magma taishi -anime", "magma taishi -oav" etc
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Re:japanese robot movie b&w 2006/3/23 07:00
I'm sure you've watched "TETSUO: IRON MAN" a Shinya Tsukamoto movie.
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TV Series with robot family 2007/2/28 06:30
I don't know the answer, but I do know the show you are referring to. I have been trying to find out the name as well. Will let you know if I find anything.
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The answer to Japanese Robot Tv Show 2007/4/2 11:13
The name of the show with the robots that turned into rockets was Space Giants. More specifics: "Goldarr is a 50ft golden robot, 14 feet wide and weighs 20 tonnes and his wife Silvarr, a silver coloured 5ft robot. They live with their
son GAM (created by Methusan) in a volcano in Mt Olympian. They all have large antennae that fire Gamma rays (lazer beams) and can all transform into rockets."

Hope that helps
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SPACE GIANTS 2008/5/24 11:24
Space Giants is the name of the show. It was on Turner SuperStation in the early 80s after school.
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