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Kyoto to Yokohama-hotel 2016/9/9 22:07
I will use a JR pass to get from Kyoto to Yokohama. What is the name of the train station in Yokohama that is close to the Intercontinental Grand in Yokohama. Is it Shin Yokohama?
Will I need to change trains to get from the train station to the hotel? / take a taxi from train station to hotel?
by chiaro2  

Re: Kyoto to Yokohama-hotel 2016/9/10 10:49
The closest station to your hotel from the Shinkansen line is Sakuragicho Station or Minatomirai Station. From Shin-Yokohama, you will connect to the Yokohama Line and transfer trains. You can transfer just at Shin-Yokohama, get off at Sakuragicho Station, then either walk 15 minutes or take a taxi from there. Or you can transfer trains a second time at Yokohama Station and go to Minatomirai Station, which is closer but still an 8 minute walk to the hotel. Or just take a taxi from Shin-Yokohama.

If you've got big luggage, I'd just take a taxi from Shin-Yokohama. If you don't, transfer twice to get to Minatomirai and walk from there.
by scarreddragon rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto to Yokohama-hotel 2016/9/10 13:35
Thanks, I will taxi from Shin Yokohama to hotel, rather then transfer trains. Appreciate the help.
by chiaro2 rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto to Yokohama-hotel 2016/9/10 14:25
By taxi it's probably around 20-25 minutes, and Y4000-5000.
by Umami Dearest rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto to Yokohama-hotel 2016/9/10 20:23
Ok, I will have the train pass and will try to go from Shin Yokohama to the station right near the Intercontinental hotel.
I've been told $8-$10 US but I think they were not talking about thr right train stations. Thanks
by chiaro2 rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto to Yokohama-hotel 2016/9/10 22:32
Even if you calculate 1 dollar as 105 yen, it's just impossible to get to the hotel within 10 USD. The lowest taxi rate is already about 7 USD and that's only worth a little over a mile.

Also, your JR pass is not valid for the line that goes to Minatomirai station. But it is valid for the JR Yokohama Line to Sakuragicho Station.

The Shin-Yokohama to Sakuragicho to Intercontinental route allows you to travel without using stairs. The walking distance is quite long, but you can use escalators and moving walkways. Some elevators may be difficult to find, so please ask.

Or you can use your pass to get to JR Sakuragicho station, and then take a taxi from there which should cost about 10 USD to the hotel.

Actually, I'm quite surprised that they don't run direct buses between Shin-Yokohama and the hotel area. You may want to double check at the tourist information counter located inside Shin-Yokohama station outside the ticket gates which are not on the side of the Yokohama Line.
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Re: Kyoto to Yokohama-hotel 2016/9/11 21:47
Don't taxi from Shin-Yokohama - it's a long way to Yokohama and even further to Sakuraguicho. The Yokohama line trains are roughly every ten minutes.
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Re: Kyoto to Yokohama-hotel 2016/9/12 05:21
Thanks everyone. I'm becoming more familiar with taking trains/metro, so will most likely do that. Taxi will be my backup plan, I hope I won't need.
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