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Does anyone recognize this song? 2016/9/11 12:03
Hy peepz.

I saw this festival a week ago and wondering what's this band/song called. Tried to google the lyrics in Japanese, but came up nothing.
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Re: Does anyone recognize this song? 2016/9/12 16:22
I've never heard that song but finding not so difficult.
This song is recorded dance team's original. (not cover song of other's)

The title is "煌めき/Kira-meki(きらめき)" created in last year 2015. (End credit mentioned all)
(Yosakoi traditional song phrases included as song create rule)

But in that event "スーパーよさこい/Super Yosakoi 2016" ver. seems original 2015 ver. rearranged
lyrics a bit changed and base sound hard rock/metal taste(western drum beats) mixed stronger.
Vocalist is her who is still belonging dance team/club member.
(her twitter)
Songwriter and Composer are another students.

So they are Kochi Chuo High School/高知中央高等学校(-koutou gakko) students
Yosakoi dance team "Sakura/桜(さくら)" school dance club/ダンス部(dance-bu) based.
(Not only performed for Yosakoi dance)

Another their Yosakoi dance performance vids :

"Yosakoi/よさこい" is biggest local festival in Kochi (very far west fr Tokyo)
now spread Japan wide(major big cities mainly) and some other countries,too.

Personally when I heard today as first time felt 2016 ver. song like
btw "BABYMETAL" and "ももクロ/Momo kuro(Momoiro clover Z)"???
But no remember such "strange" lyric song as my huge song memories.
Especaially Yosakoi fes's one of important word/call "ええじゃないか!(Eejanaika!)"
also very famous spot "はりまや橋/Harimaya bashi(-bridge)" with is unusual :)
Above girls groups are very famous in Japan both you may like.
if you found other unknown Japanese songs (no related Yosakoi)
"midomi" or similar service also cellphone apps may help you.
Just singing to mic also by "lalala" no lyric and no exact phrases.
Sometimes faster than word search.
(Don't use ".com" for Japanese song searching)
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