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Buy Vacuum Storage Bags 2016/9/12 16:41
I'm travelling abroad and want to buy some vacuum storage bags (with vacuum cleaner for air extraction) to get more into my boxes and suitcases.

First, do they work well? Is the air likely to kick in half way across the sea (some boxes via sea) and create some kind of huge bloated monster?

Second, how do I ask for this in Japanese (a) the type for vacuum cleaner, and (b) the 'futsu' roll the air out option?

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Re: Buy Vacuum Storage Bags 2016/9/12 17:36
not sure about how it fare when shipping it by sea but, when we used it at home to vacuum pack the futon cover, it does not bloat up/let air in.

we tried many from 100yen (simple ziplock type back) to one with valve type. both work well enough as long as it is properly done and make sure no leakage.

you will know from picture whether it is vacuum cleaner use or hand roll type.

typically those with valve are for vacuum cleaner.

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Re: Buy Vacuum Storage Bags 2016/9/13 10:15
Any home goods or department store should carry a variety of vacuum storage bags. I've used Daiso ones and they aren't bad, just very thin plastic. When they do leak the bags don't expand anymore than a non-vacuum bag (if you think about it, how could they?). If they are freestanding they'll expand probably halfway between vacuumed and non-vacuumed size. If packed in a box they'll be confined by the box.
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