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Kanazawa station transfer time - 12 min 2016/9/14 22:54
Hello, I have a Hokuriku Arch pass which I want to travel from Kyoto to Tokyo (via Kanazawa). I will arrive at Kanazawa station at track 7 and needs to connect to another Shinkansen at track 11. Hyperdia shows a transfer time of 12 minutes. Is the time sufficient considering the tracks are at different floors? Thank you!
by stellaclare  

Re: Kanazawa station transfer time - 12 min 2016/9/15 10:15
From Kanazawa to Tokyo there will be shinkansen every 30-45 minutes. So why don't you board the one after the shinkansen you originally intended to board? It gives you more time to breathe.
Below is the schedule of Hokuriku shinkansen from kanazawa to Tokyo:
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Re: Kanazawa station transfer time - 12 min 2016/9/15 10:31
You'll go up the stairs, turn through the shinkansen transfer gates, and then up again to the platform. Track 7/8 is closest to the shinkansen gates, so as long as you don't have any large luggage and are ready, I think you can make it no problem. I've done a shinkansen to regular train transfer similar to that in Ueno station in under 8 minutes, and the Ueno shinkansen are pretty far underground (so 2 very long escalators).

But if you've got large luggage, are not used to transferring, or have any sort of problem with ticket, a late train, etc. it is definitely cutting it close. So I'd recommend having an alternate plan, or if you really need to catch THAT shinkansen, try taking an earlier train.

Good luck!
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Re: Kanazawa station transfer time - 12 min 2016/9/15 15:57
I foresee no problems. Get roller bags or backpacks for easy commuting.
If you run you should be able to do it in 5 minutes.
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Re: Kanazawa station transfer time - 12 min 2016/9/16 17:42
12 minutes - not hard.
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Re: Kanazawa station transfer time - 12 min 2016/9/16 19:28
See the station map.
1)Down to the floor.
2)Walk on sky/water blue zone(color of map).
3)Through the のりかえ改札口(norikae-kaisatsu-guchi/transfer gate for Shinkansen) with showing the PASS.
4)Check again Shinkansen dep info board for confirm.
5)Up to the Shinkansen platform.

Kanazawa station is not so wide for across.
(Last photo is before Shinkansen station opening)
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Re: Kanazawa station transfer time - 12 min 2016/9/18 12:40
Thanks for the response guys, they are totally useful! Upon some consideration, we decided to take a later train since we will have large luggages and travelling with an elderly. Thank you again!
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Re: Kanazawa station transfer time - 12 min 2017/1/12 16:19
Hi TC, i just wanna say THANK YOU for your guide. We decided to go for the challenge and managed to transfer trains within 5min. That was a very useful guide you shared and thanks again! :)
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