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Sensei not replying to my emails? 2016/9/14 22:56

I'm planning to study in Japan next year. I've already personally visited the school and I have been in contact through e-mail with on of the professors there. I am actually in the process of collecting my requirements for application.

The sensei I'm communicating with asked me to a scanned copy of my documents so she can check and it has already been 3 working days since I sent them, and I haven't received a reply whatsoever. Should I be worried that she hasn't replied?

I'm a little bit antsy because my plans for next year depends on this. Am I just being paranoid? Is it usual for them to take long in responding to documents checking? Or is this a sign that I am not qualified for the school? I am pretty sure they will reply to me whether or not I'm eligible, but I've also heard that not replying may be a polite way of saying "no" for Japanese.

I really hope for any help regarding this.
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Re: Sensei not replying to my emails? 2016/9/15 10:02
Maybe she has a conference away from home, maybe she is just busy. I would start wondering what's going on after a week. Too early to start worrying :)
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Re: Sensei not replying to my emails? 2016/9/15 12:32
By your own admission it's only been 3 days. Calm down.
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Re: Sensei not replying to my emails? 2016/9/15 14:18
Normal rules of mail etiquette should apply. I would send a follow-up note to check that your mail got through.

You could word it to ask if the attachments were readable, or whether you should resend them. That way there's no pressure for an answer to your application itself, just a confirmation that the files got to their destination.
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