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Izumo Taisha on New Year's Eve/Day? 2016/9/14 23:07
Hi all,

Has anyone spent New Year at Izumo Taisha? I'm thinking of spending the upcoming new year in Shimane, and doing hatsumode at Izumo Taisha seems like a no-brainer.

In particular, I'd like to know if it's an all-night festival like at some other shrines and temples. Also, are there any good places nearby to watch the sun rise?

Thanks for any tips in advance!
by Kyoto Boken  

Re: Izumo Taisha on New Year's Eve/Day? 2016/11/11 15:01
Hello Kyoto Boken san,

If you are visiting New Years Eve in Izumo Taisha, there is no all night festival however, people will form a long line to make Hatsumode and you can enter to the Yatsuashimon (gate) which is only open public few times a year.

*Dress warm because you will be waiting in line. Check the weather for chance of shower too!

For sun rise, there are few spots. However it will rise from the mountain.
1. Sanbonmatsu Koen (3 pine tree Park)
2. Misen San (Mt. Misen) near Izumo Taisha
3. Hinomisaki Todai (Lighthouse) Area

Its absolutely beautiful to see the sunset in Hinomisaki, Inasa Beach and Kirara Taki.

If you have any further question contact Izumo Tourism Association!
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