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Very small jazz bar in Kyoto 2016/9/15 07:45
One night we walked by this place and heard people jamming inside. We got in for a drink. The owner (60 to 70 years old) was himself a musician. We somehow started talking about traditional Japanese music and he invited us upstairs to see his wife and his friends play traditional instruments. He gave us a business card but we lost it. We're trying to find the name of the place so we can get in touch with him.
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Re: Very small jazz bar in Kyoto 2016/9/16 19:07
You might possibly have a slightly better chance of a response if you give more details about WHERE in Kyoto this was.
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Re: Very small jazz bar in Kyoto 2016/9/16 22:07
And when, and what floor you mean by "upstairs", and photos if you have any. Especially, if you can post photos of scenery that you took just before/after your visit to the bar, that would help pinpoint the area. There are just too many 70-year-olds who love to jam.
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