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Descending Mt Norikuradake 2016/9/15 15:09

I will be taking a bus to the Tatamidaira bus terminal at Mt Norikura and hike my way up to the summit. (My route is: Takayama to Honokidaira to Tatamidaira)

My plan is to descend the mountain on foot.
May I know roughly how long the descend will take? Also, are there bus stops along the way, just in case I need to board the bus?

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Re: Descending Mt Norikuradake 2016/9/15 23:48
according to the above site,
90 min for ascending.
descending is easier.
if you are young, it should be no problem.
look at their clothes. prepare for cold.
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Re: Descending Mt Norikuradake 2016/9/19 15:38
Thank you, ken!
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Re: Descending Mt Norikuradake 2016/9/21 15:36
Hi there

I ran up and down Mt Norikura a couple of years ago with a friend. On the way up we followed the Norikura Skyline Road, and on the way down we followed a mixture of the road and some of the hiking trails that take a more direct route down. You can see some details on my website if you're interested:

You should find it pretty easy to walk up to the Kengamine summit from Tatamidaira. You mentioned that you want to descend the mountain on foot though... If you mean walking down to the bottom, not just back to Tatamidaira, then you will most likely want to follow a similar route to the one we ran down. Bear in mind that there is an elevation loss of about 1700m, which is a big descent unless your legs are used to that sort of thing on a regular basis. Also, the distance you will need to cover on your proposed route will be more than a half-marathon, so it will take you substantially longer to walk than 90 minutes. I think Ken's reply above has misunderstood your intention to walk back down the mountain.

Anyway, have a great day... It's a truly beautiful area :)

(10 Classic Alpine Climbs of Japan -
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Re: Descending Mt Norikuradake 2016/9/26 13:15
Hi Tony

Thank you for the detailed reply. You're right - I was actually referring to descending to the foot of the mountain and I'm aware that 90mins refers to just the bus terminal :)

My main push to descend to the foot of the mountain is to enjoy the scenery, but like what you said, it's gonna take some knees of steel to do that, haha!

Thanks for sharing your blog as well.

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