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SIM cards versus mobile WiFi 2016/9/15 22:22
I'll be visiting Kyoto for 10 days in October and would like to keep in touch with family with my android phone, please advise whether a pre-paid data SIM card or mobile WiFi is easier and more suitable, and where could I buy one. Many thanks.
by Rosemary (guest)  

Re: SIM cards versus mobile WiFi 2016/9/17 16:51
Hi. If you travel alone, a pre-paid data SIM card might be better as they are lower than mobile WiFi devices.
If you travel along with someone mobile WiFi service might be good as you can connect with the internet for several people at the same time.

If your mobile device is locked, you should take mobile WiFi service as locked phone is not compatible with a pre-paid data SIM card.

Whichever you'll take, I made (almost) the complete list for WiFi & prepaid SIM to find the best suit for your trip style. Hope these help you.

All prepaid SIM card in Japan http://prepaidsim.visitjapanplaces.com/prepaidsim

Rental Portable Wifi Service in Japan http://prepaidsim.visitjapanplaces.com/wifi

If you need more help, just ask me here or my twitter: https://twitter.com/VisitJapanPlace
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Re: SIM cards versus mobile WiFi 2016/9/18 08:19
Mobile wifi is easier to setup and will work with any device that supports wifi regardless of its other tech specs. It should always work on the fastest possible speeds and with multiple devices at a time. On the other hand, it tends to be more expensive and is another device to carry and charge.

Sim cards are cheaper especially for long stays, but they are more difficult to set up and not guaranteed to work even if your phone is technically compatible. Best for those who don't need high speeds and are comfortable changing sim cards and apn settings on their phone.

Alternatively, you could get away without either if you stick to using free wifi spots and hotel wifi. This shouldn't be too difficult in central Kyoto and other major cities. More info here:

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Re: SIM cards versus mobile WiFi 2016/9/18 09:05
Do you need on-demand internet access or phone calls? If it is just for emails and skype, then you could use the hotels internet. 99.9% of hotels off free wifi or lan connection. Could be an option if not requiring on-demand.
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Re: SIM cards versus mobile WiFi 2016/9/18 14:34
Thanks for everyone's advice, very much appreciated.
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Re: SIM cards versus mobile WiFi 2016/9/18 15:46
By the way, has anyone used the b-mobile Visitor SIM and may I have your review please?

Thanks again.
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