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Foreign Community in Japan 2016/9/18 22:29
I have never been to Japan yet but I wanted so much to visit this beautiful country soon. I want to know where do Filipinos get together? What is the name of the place or the city?
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Re: Foreign Community in Japan 2016/9/19 11:00
A lot of Filipinos seem to get to know each other through Catholic churches. Perhaps someone can pinpoint some churches if you can clarify what regions you have in mind.
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Re: Foreign Community in Japan 2016/9/19 12:17
Order of Gifu, Aichi, Shizuoka, Mie, Gunma Prefecture, seems to have lived a lot .
In Nagoya city, it attracts many Filipinos in these Mass.
Mikokoro center (Naka-ku) and Nunoike church (Higashi-ku), Johoku bashi Church (Kita-ku)
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Re: Foreign Community in Japan 2016/9/19 15:39
In Tokyo, just the other day I noticed some Filipino people gathering at a catholic church in Meguro. It was early Sunday afternoon, and looking up on the internet I see that they have English language mass at noon, so it must have been right after the mass. (Meguro Catholic church, right by JR Meguro Station.)
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