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Baby Jinbei 2016/9/21 17:25
Are baby jinbei available all year around?

My colleague is expecting twins but they don't known the gender yet. I'm visiting Japan in October and trying to get something gender neutral.

Are there any recommended stores?
by asahana (guest)  

Re: Baby Jinbei 2016/9/25 15:52
I saw some just recently when visiting Kawagoe, so while I'm not 100% sure this is true, I feel like in the really touristy areas like Asakusa, you can actually get them year-round. I've never checked that for myself, however.

Can you try buying online? If you can't find them in a place like Asakusa, that might be your next best bet.

Otherwise, I've definitely seen them at used clothing stores like Hard Off/Off House out of season, but a lot also depends on that particular store's stock, so its really risky to rely on those kinds of stores I think.
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