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Selfie stick in japan 2016/9/26 10:36
Will it be frowned upon if we use a selfie stick in Japan? Obviously not where it's dangerous or in train station etc and definitely not everywhere...probably 2-3 times a day.
by Meowmeow (guest)  

Re: Selfie stick in japan 2016/9/26 14:28
Lots of tourists in Japan use selfie sticks, including Japanese people! There are clear signs which indicate where you are not allowed to use selfie sticks. Just remember to be polite and not block people, and be respectful at religious sites.
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Re: Selfie stick in japan 2016/9/27 02:47
The things were flipping everywhere during my last trip. As @sq says be polite, unlike the crowds of Chinese tourists I saw & everything will be fine,
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Re: Selfie stick in japan 2016/9/30 17:29
You can use it as long as you don't hit anyone or block anyone with it, so try not to take it out at crowded areas.

At temples/shrines/private buildings/garden/tourist attraction, I would ask the person at the ticketing counter or at the gate if I can use it, and if they say no, I would just put it into my bag. Normally, there are signs around the ticketing area/entrance if selfie stick is not allowed, but it's good to just confirm.
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Re: Selfie stick in japan 2016/10/3 21:41
I think by Japanese people in Japan is the only time I've ever seen them used!
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