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How can i buy a medium barrel of sake? 2016/9/27 12:50
I am going to Japan in December, to be specific I am going to Osaka.
I really want to send a barrel of Sake to my hometown in Bali - Indonesia.
A reastaurant owner in Bali said that I only can buy the barrel without the Sake inside, for me thats okay, because I really love the barrel design.
The detail of information I need is :
Can I buy a barrel of sake?
Where can I buy near Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe?
How much it's cost?
How can I send it overseas?
I really appreciate any information.
Ariatou Gozaimashita. Thank You
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Re: How can i buy a medium barrel of sake? 2016/9/27 16:59
Do you want a non-functional for-display-only barrel (often made of solid styrofoam inside that cannot hold any liquid), or an used and recycled barrel (made of real cedar wood once used to contain sake, but it probably will leak if you put any liquid in it)? Both kinds are available. I am not sure if you can find them on store shelves, you may have to order them at a liquor store. I see them available on line, also. Search Japanese web sites with words M or M (display or empty)

As for the size, sake barrels come in several sized in 18 liter increments (1 "To" = 18 L).
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Re: How can i buy a medium barrel of sake? 2016/9/27 17:27
What you want is called a taru, and they can be ordered online or from sake companies. Full sized ones filled with sake cost several 10,000 yen and will be difficult and expensive to ship. You'll also have to check your local country's laws to see if it is even possible to import that much alcohol at once to your home country with out a special license. Empty taru can also be purchased for a couple thousand yen.

Note that they also sell souvenir sized 1.8L taru made of cedar or glass that make for a good shelf display. Here's some examples on rakuten:

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Re: How can i buy a medium barrel of sake? 2016/9/28 09:28
Thank you so much for the information.
I think I will buy the empty taru, and I will check the website and shop you all suggested.

If there any more suggestion, I really appreciate that. Thank You
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