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Cafe staying after finishing food etiquette 2016/9/30 17:12
I'm staying in a hammock tonight on the edge of the mountain/town.

Found a caf a block away with wireless luckily. I paid a lot for a piece of cake and some juice. After I finish, is there a certain time I should politely leave? Like most other places I've patronized.. not sure how it stays open. No one ever comes in so its not like he needs the seat.

Still, should I leave after an hour or do you think its ok if I stay for awhile. There's 12 hours til sunrise and I barely sleep. I want to stay for as long as possible. Any tips?
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Re: Cafe staying after finishing food etiquette 2016/10/1 10:31
Just ask?
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Re: Cafe staying after finishing food etiquette 2016/10/1 11:12
Well the reason I ask is based on what I've been told to avoid a sort of confrontation by doing the right thing in advance.

For instance, don't offer an old woman your seat, get up out of the seat as if you were getting up soon before she even gets there.

Besides the fact that my Japanese is pretty bad, local politeness means people wouldn't always say or do what they really think and so without knowing what the accepted pattern is I worry about imposing.
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Re: Cafe staying after finishing food etiquette 2016/10/1 19:47
To begin with, free wifi is typically available for only a couple of hour s or so. Of course, you can reconnect after the wifi is cut off for the first time, but it's a good reminder to let you look around to make sure you're not occupying people's time too long.

For example, even if there are no other customers and even if the place is still open, the workers may want to close or rest if it weren't for you.

So even with the wifi isssue aside, I think you're expected to "think about" leaving after a couple of hours (if you ordered a proper meal, perhaps after about three hours). And then you can ask if it's okay to stay there, and then you would sense "how okay" it is by the way they answer your question.
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Re: Cafe staying after finishing food etiquette 2016/10/2 18:43
I wonder what you did in the end :) Was your intention to stay up all night there?

Even if that place was open 24 hours a day, I would not stay the whole night... that is a role for hotels, hostels, manga cafes (you pay for an overnight rate) and maybe some family restaurants, but even at all-nighter family restaurants it would be considered good manners if you ordered something (be it a drink or something) every few hours.

As Uco said, it might be a place where the staff/owner decide OK they are done for the day/evening, might want to close and go home. So... a few hours at most, I'd say.
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Re: Cafe staying after finishing food etiquette 2016/10/5 09:05
Well the first time I left at 6pm which is when he said they closed.

The second time was at a different place I stayed for 5 hours but I ordered food 3 times. I asked if it was ok and he said it was, it seemed like he was ok with it. But then later I wondered if I could tell there was an expectation they were radiating. Maybe I am starting to be able to read people after all.

The third time I stayed for two hours and ordered food twice.
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