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How Japanese tour guiders do you need? 2016/10/1 22:31
Thank you for clicking my question.

I am a pre-teacher of a Junior high school in Japan.
(I took teacher training in real school)
In my English class, I want my students to make a tour guide book.

・Which place do you want to know about?
・What infomation do you need in guide book?
・please some advices to my students.

Perhaps, Student tour guiders might answer your needs.
by Rina Tasaki (guest)  

Re: How Japanese tour guiders do you need? 2016/10/3 08:34
In writing any book, including tour guide book, the most important thing is to know the subject well. So, you may want to start by writing about their own town/city/prefecture. Then you can expand from there.

What I found most confusing about trip in Japan is public transportation system, especially in big cities. The system covers almost everywhere, but they are not well-integrated. There are so many different companies operating and so many lines of trains/subways/buses, and not all of them are compatible (transfer-able). If you can write a easily understood guide on it, that would be very helpful.
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Re: How Japanese tour guiders do you need? 2016/10/3 09:23
Where are you based? Also, do all of your students come from the same town, or do they come from around Japan. One of the best starting points is their local knowledge - where did their parents come from or their grandparents, where did they like to holiday.

You could end up with an interesting book looking at a limited number of places with that local knowledge rather than a comprehensive book that tried to cover everything.
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Re: How Japanese tour guiders do you need? 2016/10/3 11:05
So you are a teacher of the English language in Japan, and as a school project, you want your students to make a travel guidebook?

I don't know where you are, but since there is a lot of information about major tourist cities, so maybe for your students it might be more relevant if you focused the project on your city/prefecture?

For example, you could split the students into several groups, and one might look into sightseeing spots, another into historical background, another into good restaurants, etc. Or you could get the whole class to cover the whole prefecture, and assign one city each to a group.

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Re: How Japanese tour guiders do you need? 2016/10/3 18:16
Guys, wouldn't it be great if there was a travel guidebook made by low-teens that explain how you can enjoy their local shopping arcade (shoutengai) or local village?

Low-teens tend to know little about monuments and huge department stores. But they know all the mom-and-pop stores in the neighborhood and about the hills and rivers they walk to growing up.

But these places tend to have little foreign language information. If you're a foreign tourist who just got to Japan, you wouldn't even know how to get there by train, moreover what goodies they're selling or how you can buy them or how you can fish things or if you're even allowed to fish in the first place.

Wouldn't it be great if low-teen students can walk around their own town and ask what specialties small stores have? Wouldn't it be great if they were explained in a guidebook in plain English?
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Re: How Japanese tour guiders do you need? 2016/10/3 22:29
I think this would be a great idea for the neighborhoods and to be passed out at the local train station. If the town is on the smaller side, where there isn't much in the way of a tourist information center, a flyer with a small map can be very beneficial to those tourists who wish to visit.

Uco is right on point. If I were to visit a small town like Kure or Kesennuma, it would be great to know the local eateries and what is sold where.
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