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Letters, registered parcels during absence 2016/10/2 15:10

Does Japan Post help to keep letters and registered parcels during our absence? For how long it is going to be?

How do you tell the postman, please drop the letters inside the house (they like to hang it on the letter hole).
Can someone help me translate it into Japanese?

Thank you.

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Re: Letters, registered parcels during absence 2016/10/3 12:23
I believe that regular postal item (at least those from domestic senders) will be held for 7 days, and if you don't ask for re-delivery during that time, they will return it to the sender.

If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, you can go to your local post office to report your upcoming absence and ask them to hold all postal items at the post office until you return. We do that each year when we travel for 10, 12 days. Ask for "fuzai todoke" (report of absence) form.

About asking them to put it in the house, you mean the postman just inserts the letter halfway into the mail slot but does not push it in enough for it to fall into the mail "box" inside the door?
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Re: Letters, registered parcels during absence 2016/10/3 13:57
Registered mail (as an example) seven days. I found this out recently when I had some mail from my bank that did not turn up as expected. Rather than putting the delivery notice in my mail box, they put it in the mail slot on my front door (which I hadn't looked at for three months).

I also had the option of collecting from the local post office, or requesting re-delivery by phone or online which I thought was useful.

Yes, Japan Post didn't use my mailbox, so my registered mail was returned to sender. The bank re-sent the item and it turned up three days later - but I made sure I was home to make sure it got delivered.
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Re: Letters, registered parcels during absence 2016/10/7 10:39
Yah, the letters are not slot into the house. So I am thinking of pasting a note to request the postman to drop it inside the house.
Do you know the proper translation for this phrase in Japanese?
Thanks :)
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