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Samsung Mobile phone repair shops in Kyoto 2016/10/2 15:38

Please can you help me.

My 7 week old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, has developed a total green flickering screen . This happened when just sat on my desk, not on charge right in-front of my eyes. I have full warranty

I am really desperate to have this phone repaired as I am going to Japan on Saturday and all my flight booking information, schedule for my holiday, travel plans, hotel reservation mails, Google map locations for my travel and contacts who I need to get in touch with in Japan etc are on my phone, Without the use of this phone I really will not be able to go to my holiday to Japan.

This is terrible timing for my phone to become faulty.

I have no time to send the phone to Samsung centre in my own country as I go to Kyoto in 2 days

With out the use of my phone I will have so many problems , Pease can you help me .... I am desperate

Does anyone know the address of Samsung phone repair centre or Samsung phone shops in Kyoto so I can take my phone there for an official repair.

I speak Japanese, but I would also go there with a Japanese friend who could explain more specifics of the fault if required.

I will have a lot of problems if I can not repair my phone in Kyoto....
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Re: Samsung Mobile phone repair shops in Kyoto 2016/10/3 12:52
Sorry for your situation.

I am checking Samsung's website, but they seem to direct customers in Japan (meaning who bought Samsung smartphones in Japan through local carriers) to the carriers. There is an inquiry phone number for their customer call center (for those who bought NOTE 7 outside Japan, they say though), which is 0120-363-905. Can you get someone in Japan who is likely to meet you to try this number?

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Re: Samsung Mobile phone repair shops in Kyoto 2016/10/3 13:23
Regarding your question for where to get your samsung edge 7 fixed, your provided phone number is only for Note 7, which as many should know explodes.
The other numbers on that page are for the Japanese careers, where its meant only for people who bought the samsung phones in Japan through those careers.
You can try calling to that phone number and perhaps you may be very lucky to get English speaking person on the line. However, Samsung and other Korean/Chinese makers are extremely shitty on fixing their stuffs so don't count on trying to get it fixed.
The other option is to get a phone in Japan at Yodobashi/Biccamera with out a contract and place you sim card in it or get an adapter to get your sim card to fit your phone.
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Re: Samsung Mobile phone repair shops in Kyoto 2016/10/4 13:58

Just for your information, that phone number (the one at the top, above all the carriers' numbers) was for general inquiries, not just for Note 7 problem. As it turned out, Samsung sells their phone only through local carriers in Japan, so they don't even have a repair center on their own in Japan, and do not accept repair requests for non-Japan-bought Samsung phones brought into Japan.
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Re: Samsung Mobile phone repair shops in Kyoto 2016/10/4 18:36
Thank you all for your comments.... I have found that the customer service of Samsung, both in UK an Japan is not up to the standard of other phone manufactures....

It seems Samsung will not assist me in Japan, not are they helpful in UK.

It seems my only course of action is to buy a new screen and have it fitted by a non Samsung repair shop, invalidating my warranty., but getting phone back in timely manner is important.

I simply can not wait the 5 weeks plus postage time if the parts are in stock and available, that Samsung said it would take.

I will be an I phone 7 plus owner in the near future.

Thanks again
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