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Takayama wifi/sim 2016/10/2 17:32
So in 2 days I'm leaving Takayama to Kobe and I want to have
The ability to connect to the Internet between Takayama and Kobe
Is it possible to buy sim for only a couple of days?
Or maybe a pocket wifi
The problem is where do I return it later in Kobe if I purchased it in Takayama
Thank you in advance
by Sigal  

Re: Takayama wifi/sim 2016/10/3 12:15
Normally you'd order it and have it mailed to you, but 2 days w ill probably be too short. I'd be surprised if it were possible to obtain a tourist-oriented SIM card or pocket Wifi in Takayama; do you speak Japanese?
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Re: Takayama wifi/sim 2016/10/5 08:13
Get a data sim - convenience stores sell them (1GB or 3GB) - they are sold all over Japan.
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