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Hotsprings 2016/10/5 01:49
Can anyone drill for a hotspring?
Obviously you would have to have the money to drill I believe about a kilometre down.
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Re: Hotsprings 2016/10/5 11:05
You'd need to have the rights to use that land (either owner or lessee status), and mining/hot spring rights, and each municipality has its own process for application for drilling.
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Re: Hotsprings 2016/10/7 23:39
In Japan or Out of Japan?

If in Japan now 10 to 100 million Yen/1000m deep
depends on geological layer hard or not and contractor.

Some river,under water fall near hot spring no need drill.
A shovel standing behind his back.

Wild(No management) hot spring hunter pics :
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Re: Hotsprings 2016/10/8 00:44
thx, MGM
especially those hotspring hunter link was great!
i am glad to see that also in japan there are some wild nature hot-sprint otaku. :-)

thanks to your link i found a cool blog:
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Re: Hotsprings 2016/10/8 04:56
@ Glimpigumpi

Need Japanese beauty Onsen otaku? :)
She went to a lot of various locations also not only wild hot springs.

If need more pics and reports use below words for searching.
野湯 : no-yu/wild hot spring
秘湯 : hi-tou/secret(rare) hot spring
(include wild and managed deep forest/mountain small ones both)
危険 : ki-ken/danger,dangerous

Basically 野湯 is seasonal by access inconvenient by road conditions mostly
and no managed hot water temp sometimes pretty hot without colder water for cooling down.
Esepecially deep forest/mountain ones sometimes met/find dangerous wild animals/insects.
(hungry bear 熊,poison snake マムシ,poison bee/Vespinae スズメバチ and more/not so many species)
Also out of radio/phone wave range "dead zone/area" need enough survival skills.
Onsen Gas also very dangerous especially "硫化水素/hydrogen sulfide" if over "400 ppm" you will die within one hour.
This is "Caution" plate sample with EN/CN for climbers.
No management area no such kindly warning signs.
I believe what you don't copy him.
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Re: Hotsprings 2016/10/13 00:07
Big thank you MGM!!!
Those are most interesting links and infos (onsen beauty is of course great too and has very interesting locations in her blog! :-)

Well, yeah, i am also a little bit afraid of スズメバチ, hope they will never get me, especially when i walk around in Tohoku woods and mountains area next summer... Also i saw in many of those blogs, people really wear good equipment for walking through the jungle, things which i probably not have one me...

The gas mask onsen person is really fun. ^_^
I would like to see the faces of the policeman at the airport customs office, if they find out i would have such a gasmask in my luggage and if they then ask me, what i need it for and i answer: "Onsen". Would be for sure fun!
So no, i dont indent to do it...

So thank you again MGM!
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