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Universal Studios Twilight Pass 2016/10/8 10:11
Hi, I'm hoping to visit USJ on a weekday in mid December but due to limited funds would like to try out the twilight pass. My question is, how crowded is USJ say from 4 pm onwards. More importantly will access to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter still be available and how long is the queue for the HP forbidden journey ride in the late evenings (usually)?

Thanking everyone in advance for any tips!
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Re: Universal Studios Twilight Pass 2016/10/8 17:08
It totally depends on the individual day. Make sure you go on a weekday. If it's good weather, there will be crowds (but less so than on the weekend); if it's raining, there will be fewer people.

You can still access the HP area once you get your timed ticket; I went after 3pm in November 2014 and got a ticket for the HP area at 5.30pm. The line for The Forbidden Journey was quite long: 2.5 hours! Single rider lines are shorter, but only if they're being used at the time (they closed that option when I went). I suspect the line would be shorter during the night parade, but as that's not on until just before the park closes, you might miss out.
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