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Softbank prepaid plan 2016/10/10 02:56
I've had a Softbank prepaid phone since 2011. I've managed to keep it by recharging the credit online over the years when I haven't been in Japan using it.

I tried logging in today to recharge the credit and I'm getting the message "Serving off the subject error. This option is not currently available under your contract."

I'm assuming that I'm late adding credit and it has expired. The next time I'm in Japan can I just recharge it using a Softbank prepaid card? Or have I lost use of this for good and need to go back to a Softbank store to get a new prepaid phone?
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Re: Softbank prepaid plan 2016/10/10 21:59
If the number has indeed expired then your account is closed for good and you can no longer use the sim. You'll have to get a new sim and number when you are next in Japan.
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Re: Softbank prepaid plan 2016/10/11 12:28
I was afraid of that.

Thanks yllwsmrf.
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