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Current common horse breeds in Japan? 2016/10/15 03:11
so I like to play on role-play sites where we raise and breed horses (it's a fantasy website). We try to be realistic and things like that. Well this has lead to a lot of interesting questions about Japan and the horse culture there.

I know about the Native breeds, but I also want to know what other breeds are now calling Japan their home. I've heard of the huge racing industry, so I assume that Thoroughbreds are one of those breeds. but what else is there now? any information would be great, it actually started a small heated discussion about what was there and that most users assumed that Japan's horse culture still adamantly fought to use and maintain their native breeds only and that very few other breeds make it to Japan, but I find it hard to believe.

Thanks for taking the time!
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Re: Current common horse breeds in Japan? 2016/10/24 15:07
There are a lot of draft horses up in Hokkaido, apparently. They race them there. There is a movie about it, called "What the snow brings".

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Re: Current common horse breeds in Japan? 2016/11/4 17:47
My barn is all thoroughbreds except 1 quarter horse. Thoroughbreds are the most readily available riding horses bc ex racers then become riding horses. There are very few breeders for other breeds-some native horses and some quarter horses, and a few people import warmbloods for showing. But most barns are almost all OTTBs :)
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