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Portable Wifi/Mifi 2016/10/17 10:02
Hi All,

I am hopeless at technology, but I want to hire a portable wifi device to use during my 5 week long trip in Japan. I would like to hire one at Haneda airport on arrival and take it back to the same place when I am leaving.
I only need something to access google maps and basic search here and there on the trip when I get lost, (and access emails where needed). Can anyone tell me where I can hire one of these at Haneda international airport and approximately how much it will cost me to keep it for 5 weeks (about 35 days)?
I am looking for the most affordable and easy option.
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Re: Portable Wifi/Mifi 2016/10/17 13:02
Do a Google search and shop through the various companies - there are a lot, all with different options. Some companies will only rent for a maximum of 30 days, so check rental length!

Most companies allow for pickup from airport post offices (provided it is still open when your plane lands), or you can have it sent to your first accommodation. To return it, you place the device in the provided envelope, and drop the envelope in a post box (these can be found at the airport).
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Re: Portable Wifi/Mifi 2016/10/24 06:37

I have mentioned it before. You can use any smartphone, even an older one, as a mifi. Look it up in the menu under tethering or Portable Wifi.
The only thing you have to make sure is that the smartphone is compatible with the Japanese system (most phones are compatible, maybe not with G4, but looking up maps and use Skype or so slower internet services will be OK).
The benefit is that you only need to rent a data SIM (cheaper). And most SIM you do not need to return after the rental period.

Have a nice trip

B. Slager
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Re: Portable Wifi/Mifi 2016/10/24 07:26
I have traveled extensively and lived in Japan, and we visit now every other year or so. My wife and I are actually in Japan right now for 16 days. I have used all the different options...AT&T international service, SIM Card, etc...and I think the MiFi/WiFi route was the best choice for us, here's why.

...Easy pickup at Airport, just show passport (for ID) at counter
...Supports multiple devices...I have 4 and my wife has 2 on this trip...
...most MiFi services give lots of data...our plan is 30GB/month...great for uploading photos, Instagram, FaceBook, e-mail, text messaging etc....
...187GBS High speed downloads and reliable service across Japan
...just put MiFi into included mailing pouch at Airport at end of trip and mail back to provider

Our service thru the Japan Wi-Fi Rental Store is costing us less than Y9000 (~$85) for a month of service.

As well, I downloaded and use LINE (very popular Japanese mobile app) and purchased inside of LINE some credits toward mobile calling so I can use the MiFi for phone calls back to USA (or other countries) at NO additional charge, if needed.

Just things to think about...

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Re: Portable Wifi/Mifi 2016/10/30 02:11
Hi USC4Ever,

Have you also tried the tethering method (see my post above).
Las time i used it it cost (as far as i remember) me 30 Euro for 1 GB in 1 month.

Have a nice stay in Japan.


B. Slager
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Re: Portable Wifi/Mifi 2016/10/31 09:23
Hi All,

Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately I think that price is a bit high for me. The Aussie dollar has a bad exchange rate at the moment which means I would be looking at at least $115 for the month for that portable Wifi which seems a bit steep. Last trip to japan, most hotels had free wifi, so would only need to be using it for maps when out and about.
Would a data sim in Japan work in a Samsung Galaxy 4? Can these be rented at the airport?
I am thinking I may need to just wing it without one of these things.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Portable Wifi/Mifi 2016/11/3 03:34
Hi Alexis80,

I used an old Samsung Galaxy Gio (with Android 2.3, in tethering mode) without problems with a data only Sim from https://www.econnectjapan.com/products/sim/ .
This smartphone was not in the compatibility list of econnect but it worked fine. I used it for skyping and looking on the maps (Google map) with a tablet and a small laptop.

The only thing you have to make sure is that your smartphone is compatible with the Japanese phone system (I believe econnect uses DoCoMo), but most phones are (maybe not in the higher G4).

Have nice trip.

B. Slager
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Re: Portable Wifi/Mifi 2016/11/3 08:22
I use ToCoo to rent a pocket wifi when I travel. They'll likely be cheaper for you, as they don't charge extra to rent between 9 and 30 days (as in, rent for 9+ days and only pay the fee for 9).
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