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Arai Helmet Price in Japan 2016/10/18 00:17
Is the price of Arai helmet in Tokyo n Osaka same?
by ideck (guest)  

Re: Arai Helmet Price in Japan 2016/10/18 22:26
Mostly same depends on stocks and models.

BTW, which model?
for autoracing(car)? or motorcycle?
If autoracing, XXL/Jr. sizes ones finding very harder.

If for motorcycle
Tokyo : NAPS (stores) largest
Osaka : Nankai buhin (stores) largest
(online shopping price)

"2(Ni)rinkan" also very famous in Tokyo,Osaka area both.

Also they knows well maybe.
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Re: Arai Helmet Price in Japan 2016/10/18 22:35
Don't know where you live, but be aware that helmet shapes in Japan are slightly different from those in Europe. Even when they are the same brand.

You can always go and try them on and see if they fit you. We all have different shaped heads. Some brands will fit, and others won't. At least, that's my experience...
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Re: Arai Helmet Price in Japan 2016/10/18 22:39
Also, be aware that if you were planning on taking a Japanese helmet to e.g. the Europe, the safety testing regime in Japan is different (and so, even though the actual tests may be similar or even more difficult in Japan than in, say, Europe, a Japanese helmet would be illegal in Europe because it hasn't passed the European safety standards).
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Re: Arai Helmet Price in Japan 2016/10/18 23:38
Thx for all the reply. I'm from Penang, Malaysia n going to Tokyo for Oct 21 - Oct 26. Planning to buy Arai Tour Cross X3 or X4. I was told by my frens it is much cheaper to buy it in Japan than in Malaysia. So if the price is almost the same in Tokyo or Osaka....I might just buy it in Tokyo. Thx n appreciate for all the info :)
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Re: Arai Helmet Price in Japan 2016/10/21 09:43
Wow,already 21 OCT still can you read?

But model names are wrong "Tour-Cross 3" and "V-Cross 4" :)
Non-grafic model about 8000Y cheaper.

This is comparing web of major online shopping mall sites(Rakuten,Amazon and Yahoo!) prices.
(sort by price/highest, include sals tax 8%)
Tour-Cross 3 :
V-Cross 4 :
税別(zei-komi) : not include sale tax
税込(zei-betsu) : include sale tax
BTW, import Helmet is no tax as duty/custom?
I don't know Malaysia's law of tax.

And Real motorcycle accessories shop locations a bit far fr railway stn/bus stop usual.
BC local riders no need to take trains/buses ride own bikes :)
(In Japan calling "Bike/バイク" short of "Auto-bi(ke)/オートバイ" usual)
This is "NAPS(ナップス)","Nirin-kan(2りんかん)" and "Nanklai buhin(南海部品)" in Tokyo area.
Map Zoom up also use fr here to here by trains/buses(transit) and street view like this.

Recent years off road riders not so many especially helmet stocks numbers may not enough.
So asking by call recommend if possible.
定休日(tei-kyuu-bi) is closing day.
Stock is 在庫(zaiko).

This is another shop "Rough and Road/ラフ&ロード"
in Yokohama/横浜 and Kawasaki/川崎 shop location and shop inside vids.
Both are a bit far fr mid Tokyo but train operate numbers a lot no worry.
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