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Sagawa Express 2016/10/21 00:57
I want to buy something from a Japanese online shop. It seems they ship everything with Sagawa Express whom I have no prior experience with.

As I will be staying in a hostel I cannot accept mail there and to my knowledge, Sagawa Express does not ship to/from convenience stores either.

Is it possible to have something sent to one of their service centers and pick it up from there, like I would usually do with Yamato?
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Re: Sagawa Express 2016/10/21 13:31
I am not sure, but There is Sagawa Express English website, you can get details here.

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Re: Sagawa Express 2016/10/21 18:32
I had looked there prior to posting however I couldn't find anything about delivering to a sales office, thus my questions here. Thanks.
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Re: Sagawa Express 2016/10/21 20:02
it is only mentioned on Japanese website, but it's available.
It's called,"Eigyo sho uketori service" and they can keep your luggage for up to 7 days at branches. There will be no extra charge.
You need your ID and Hanko(your name stamp that every Japanese has, but it's not a thing in western culture)
The exact web page for receiving at branches is below(only in Japanese) but you could try pointing this to Sagawa staff or hostel staff to help you out.


Good luck!
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Re: Sagawa Express 2016/10/21 21:46
@Nori Sushi - That's what I was looking for! I had a go at blindly searching their Japanese website but obviously missed it. Many thanks for linking that!
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