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best mobile wifi router - lost 2016/10/27 11:47
Hello everyone! So I know there are countless forums about Japanese mobile wifi routers; however, I am now more confused than ever. From reading all the forums, Ive narrowed down my choices to 4 companies: Sakura Mobile, GAC (global advanced communications), japan-wifi.net, and japan-wireless.com.

I am going to be traveling Japan for 2 months, going ALL over, from Tokyo to Hakone to Mount Koya to Fukuoka. So I am looking for wide coverage. With coverage in remote areas, as well as possibly in subway stations (for Tokyo)--if possible. I will be using the internet mainly for for GPS, random facebook/email (not too often), and a bit of video streaming when bored (on train rides for example between places).

So what company would meet my needs? In addition, the plans are very confusing as well. What plan would be best? I thought Sakura was best; but I see it has a daily-cap of 600MB/day. So if it is unlimited, why is there a data cap? Wifi.net and wireless.com are the cheapest, followed by Sakura, and GAC.

If anyone can help. Thank you
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Re: best mobile wifi router--lost 2016/10/27 14:43
I went with ToCoo and had coverage in all the places you've mentioned. The only problem you might have is using it on long-distance train rides like the shinkansen - once you get into the country, there are no towers and no internet service!

Data is "unlimited" but shaped after a certain download limit. They don't want you abusing the service and downloading movies, after all. Sometimes turning the device off and on again resets it. But for maps, train timetables and general internet use (not videos), it's fine.
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Re: best mobile wifi router--lost 2016/10/30 03:19
If your phone is compatible you do not need to rent a Mifi or portable Wifi and get the same capability (cheaper, and on the DoCoMo network).


Have a nice trip

B. Slager
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