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24 hour place in Utsunomiya? 2016/10/31 08:59

I need to do a remote job interview with a place in the west. Unfortunately I don't have WiFi where I'm staying in Japan. Is there a place that's open 24 hours in Utsunomiya, such as a coffee shop or restaurant?

Thank you!
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Re: 24 hour place in Utsunomiya? 2016/11/1 19:00
Usually Starbacks coffee has wifi.
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Re: 24 hour place in Utsunomiya? 2016/11/6 20:06
I don't think Ustunomiya is a remote place, it is located in the metropolitan area, there are many shops like McDonald, which opens for 24 hours. Good luck with your interview!
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Re: 24 hour place in Utsunomiya? 2016/11/6 20:49
List of store that you can use the wifi
If Manga cafe (Internet cafe), seem can also be used wifi 24 hours a day.
However, it may be difficult to talk in the middle of the night.
Because there are a lot of people that time is sleeping.
Starbucks Utsunomiya Kamitomatsuri shop seems to be open until 26:00.
McDonald's is open 24 hours a day, there are many shops that you can use the wifi. (There is a place you can not use a place that can be used by the seat)
However, because here also there is a possibility that there are people who are sleeping, please be careful.
Round One is also open until the next day 6:00.
If you can use wifi in the karaoke box in this, it would be no problem to speak.
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Re: 24 hour place in Utsunomiya? 2016/11/7 09:09
I wouldn't recommend doing a job interview at a coffee shop/internet cafe/mcdonalds. It's inconsiderate to the other patrons (and may be prohibited by their service rules), but more importantly, it does not make you look very good as an applicant. Have you considered renting a wifi hotspot instead?
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