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Where can i buy a cactus in Osaka? 2016/11/1 21:49

I will visit OSAKA next month.
Please advise where can i buy Succulent or Haworthia (It's some kind of Cactus).
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Where can i buy a cactus in Osaka? 2016/11/2 12:26
I've seen these cactus types (and plenty of others) at my local home-improvement store, Cainz. I think another home store called Sekichu also has them, but I live in the Kanto region, so I don't know if these stores are common in the Kansai region. However, any home store like them should have cacti.

By the way, are you a tourist to Japan? If you are buying a cactus to take back to your home country, please check the customs restrictions thoroughly before buying and trying to bring back. If you are a resident of Japan, please disregard this.
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Re: Where can i buy a cactus in Osaka? 2016/11/2 21:21
Those cactus are available at Daiki store located at Maruito-Namba Bldg in Namba.
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