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Gunkanjima Tour over 50 minutes? 2016/11/4 12:35
The two tour companies I found so far only give a tour of 50 minutes of less.

Does anyone know of a tour company that does longer?
by Reliable Source (guest)  

Re: Gunkanjima Tour over 50 minutes? 2016/11/4 19:47
I doubt you're going to find anything over 50 minutes. There's only one pier and the boat that takes you must either anchor nearby or circle around for the tour to return. Plus, the presentation in Japanese and the areas you're allowed to walk are quite small, therefore there's no need for a longer tour.
by John B digs Japan rate this post as useful

Re: Gunkanjima Tour over 50 minutes? 2016/11/5 06:44
John B digs Japan is correct - the tour course (once you've landed upon Gunkanjima proper) is fixed by the authorities, with a predetermined path across one small part of the island, the rest of which is strictly off-limits due to safety concerns. Regardless of the company you sign up with, you'll only get to see as much as any other tour party and you'll only get to spend about 50 minutes or so on the island because of the limited scope.

This was my experience with one tour company - others will have different boats, different routes for getting to/from the island, different narrative styles and commentaries, etc. but the actual walking tour route on Gunkanjima will be pretty much the same across the board:

by Diego de Manila rate this post as useful

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