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Tokushima Awa and Kochi Yosakoi Festivals 2016/11/7 10:13
I'm planning to visit Tokushima's Awa Festival and Kochi's Yosakoi Festival next summer.

How many nights are recommended for each festival? Is one night enough?

Are the performances the same on each day or is there any recommended day to visit?

About Hotels, I know it'll be very difficult to find hotel. I understand that Takamatsu can be alternative to Tokushima. What about Kochi? Any alternatives? I'll be travelling by public transportation.

Thank you.
by Miri (guest)  

Re: Tokushima Awa and Kochi Yosakoi Festivals 2016/11/7 10:53
I tried to get to the Tokushima Awa Odori last year. I was in Takamatsu, which also has a festival at about the same time.

I suggest trying everything that you can to get a hotel in Tokushima for the time you want to be there. I found it nearly impossible to get from Takamatsu to Tokushima during the festival. The trains were all sold out. I managed to get one ticket for a train from Takamatsu to Tokushima but could not secure a return ticket since they were all sold out. I didn't go because I couldn't risk being stranded in Tokushima with no place to stay and no way back to Takamatsu.
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