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Mount Unzen in late December, early January 2016/11/10 08:41
I will be staying near Nagasaki Station for a little over a week. Is it possible to see Mount Unzen Ropeway, the Disaster Museum, Shimbara Castle, and Hara Castle Ruins all in one day? Or should I plan to stay at a hotel for a night?

Furthermore, is it even possible to see the Mount Unzen Ropeway between December 30th and January 4th? Those are the days I would like to go to, but am unsure if it will be accessible. Ifve never been down south and am unaware of the weather there. The ropeways where I live are all closed between November and March. How is Mount Unzen?
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Re: Mount Unzen in late December, early January 2016/11/10 11:57
There is no mention of any suspension of the Unzen Ropeway during your time of visit.

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