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Abashiri Solo Trip 2016/11/10 15:03
My 21-year-old daughter who lives in Japan wants to visit Abashiri in Hokkaido during her winter vacation. She wants to go on the Abashiri Drift Ice Boat and visit the Prison Museum. Is this a safe trip for a young woman to do by herself? I know Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. Am I just being paranoid?
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Re: Abashiri Solo Trip 2016/11/10 17:18
Don't worry, Japan is very safe and clean, most people obey all the rules. The worst thing maybe they are not good in English, or can't even understand a single English word, so in case your daughter lost on the street, it is hard to ask.
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Re: Abashiri Solo Trip 2016/11/10 23:25
No problem. I am a 29 years old female who just had a 3 weeks solo trip this summer. I had no problem at all, besides communication, but in the end I always managed to find my way. One night I missed the last bus and had to walk 2 km from the train station to my hotel and nothing happened to me.
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Re: Abashiri Solo Trip 2016/11/12 15:03
Thank you for your words. Her and I have traveled to other countries before and I have seen how some take advantage of young female tourists - even with me right next to her! I just wanted to make sure she will be ok there alone and going on the boat by herself.
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