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How can I find 2 Kyu test samples? 2005/3/25 22:47
Could you help me finding some 2 kyu tests samples? I am Vietnamese and it is really difficult to get the materials in Vietnam.I will take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test on December 4.Thanks so much
Best regards,
Kim Sa
by Kimsa  

2Kyuu samples 2005/3/30 10:51
Is there a Kinokuniya in Vietnam? They sell past year papers with the listening tapes as well.
Otherwise, if you know someone in Japan, you can ask them to get those for you.
I compared prices of the same grammar book in Japan and Singapore and it costs 1000yen cheaper in Tokyo kinokuniya!!!
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Hi Kim Sa 2005/4/2 13:37
Chao Kim Sa,
Toi co the giup ban ve de thi 2kyu. Gui cho ban bang cach nao?

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Thanks Lam 2005/4/2 13:48
Chao Lam,
Cam on ban rat nhieu. Hien gio dang song o Da Nang, ban co the cho minh biet email cua ban duoc khong?
Chuc ban vui ve
Kim Sa
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Kim Sa 2005/4/2 17:09
Hay lien lac voi toi qua email va noi ro cach gui sample test.
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2 kyu sample test 2005/4/3 12:18
Where are you? How can I send it to you?
Contact me:
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2kyuu 2005/5/28 22:01
I am also taking 2kyuu this year, although am not sure if i will pass of not, but would love to find some copies of the test to practise. When i lived in Japan i would receive practise copyies from my university teachers? Is there also any good web resources with practise tests, or questions online?
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Hi Sakuralulu 2005/5/30 19:46
I did try to find online materials but there was no result on the web. Where are you living now? I am going to take 2 kuy test on December 04,2005.
Best wishes
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australia 2005/6/1 17:41
I am living in Australia, my boyfriend sent me the book to study with from Japan, but i don't want to have to ask him to send test examples too, cos he would have to buy them also!! Where are you living? I will also take the test this december in australia, before moving back to Japan in January!! How long have you been studying? Best of luck with it all!!!
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Cac ban co the gui giup minh 2005/6/29 19:12
Cac ban co tai lieu luyen thi 2kyu co the gui cho minh ko?Cam on cac ban nhieu...
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Hope it helps... 2005/7/7 18:52
I've just read your question. I have some copies of past tests with the answers -I'm not really sure, but I guess I have at least three different exams... If you're interested, I can send some copies to you, although I'm afraid I don't have the tapes/cd's to prepare the chokai section :/
If you're interested, just let me know :) You can find me at
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2 kyu 2005/9/2 15:49
i want to passed 2 kyu but i dont know i will be pass or fail but i will be my best....any way have any meterials for 2kyu...?
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Choukai for 2 kyu test 2006/10/4 23:39
Hi every one,

I'am going to take 2kyu test this december. However, I am very weak in choukai and I could not find various materials for Choukai in Japan. Please let me be informed if you know any source of materials that I can access or buy.

Thanks and regards,

Thuy Ha
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2kyu test 2007/6/2 18:16
Bay gio toi dang hoc tai DH Ngoai ngu Ha Noi. Toi da tung trai qua ki thi nay va cung khong kho lam dau .Trong qua trinh luyen thi , toi thuong vao trang web de luyen thi . Day la mot trang web rat hay , co rat nhieu bai tap . Tuy nhien , that dang tiec trang web nay lai khong co bai tap nghe .
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Old tests 2007/6/3 20:52
You can find tests of previous years on
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I would like to find 2 Kyu test samples. 2007/7/26 16:11
I would like to find 2 Kyu test samples. Please kindly help me !
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link 2007/7/27 08:53
Thantham, did you check the link Kappa posted above in the answer right above yours?
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