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Guide in Himeji castle and Kokoen 2016/11/11 22:07
Hi all

I would like to ask about the guides at the entrance gate of Himeji Castle. Are there a lot of them? I'm asking because I would like to decide if it is necessary to book a guide in advance for Himeji castle. I will travel to Himeji from Osaka on the first day of our trip in Japan. Since I have no experience in taking trains in Japan nor speak the language, I'm worried about arriving late (or worse, getting lost) and disappoint the guide if I book in advance. I have already downloaded Himeji Great Discovery App though, but still think a guide's information will be far superior than the app can offer.

Also, do I need a guide for Kokoen Garden? I have never been to a Japanese garden. Is it something we just enjoy with our eyes or are there as many stories and history as the castle that would warrant a guide?

Would love to hear your inputs! :)
by stelle789  

Re: Guide in Himeji castle and Kokoen 2016/11/12 11:25
If you can manage to get yourself from Osaka to Himeji on the Shinkansen, it would be really difficult to get lost on the way to Himeji Castle. It is straight down the street once you walk out the north exit of Himeji station. You can't miss it.
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