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Mt. Fuji - Sunrise vs Sunset (from summit) 2016/11/17 22:12
Has anyone climbed mt fuji and experienced both?

Our plan was to make it to the summit in time to see the sun rise (bullet climb), but the way out itinerary is working out its going to be easier/more convenient to make it up in time to see the sun setting in the afternoon.

Obviously there are up sides and downsides to both - i.e sunset climb you're climbing in the light and descending in the dark and vice versa for seeing the sun rise.

Also, I assume we'd get the best view from the west side of the summit for the sunset?

Thanks in advance for any replies
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Re: Mt. Fuji - Sunrise vs Sunset (from summit) 2016/11/18 07:57
Why now?

If sunset you will be 5th station around 23:00.
After that, what will you do?
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Re: Mt. Fuji - Sunrise vs Sunset (from summit) 2016/11/19 22:51
I believe that most climbs are to catch the sunrise. One reason for this is the mystique of the morning mist below you.

As the previous reply mentioned, if you go for a sunset, you will end up at the 5th station just before midnight. I don't think you can catch a bus down, and you are stuck at the 5th station until morning.
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Re: Mt. Fuji - Sunrise vs Sunset (from summit) 2016/11/20 07:41
Thanks for the replies.

For bullet climbing to see the sunrise, ive worked out that we'd need to get a cab/taxi to the 5th station at about 10pm (as the last bus gets there around 7pm) give or take (depending on route). So i just assumed we'd be able to get a cab/taxi back if we went for the sunset, for pickup at 5th station around midnite.

The plan has always been to see the sunrise, im only exploring the possibility of a sunset climb because it fitted in a little better to our plans.

Its still all in the planning stages at the moment, the only difference we'd need to decide on soon'ish is if we went do spend 1 or 2 nights in hakone.... for the sunrise climb, we'd need 2 nights.... on the plus side we'd get to explore hakone more, which would be nice.
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Re: Mt. Fuji - Sunrise vs Sunset (from summit) 2016/11/20 11:49
Have you added in extra time to acclimate to the higher elevation before the accent? You need to pause beforehand, so that you do not get elevation sickness.

My only experience with elevation sickness was in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the 10,000 Waves Onsen.

I had driven up to Albuquerque the day before, so I had a day, and was acclimated to the higher elevation. My wife flew into Albuquerque the following day, and we went to the Onsen, which is in the nearby mountains at 8,000 ft. We spent 2 nights each in the Sailor Moon and Blue Moon cabins.

We had scheduled one of the private baths for the first night, and it was wonderful. There was a light snow at that time, so we had the Hot Springs Experience during a snowfall.

After our initial private bath, my wife came down with a headache, which is one of the symptoms of elevation sickness. She missed the morning massage the next day, and I ended up bringing her breakfast, lunch and dinner to the room. I want to stress that she only got off the plane from Los Angeles (sea level), and did nothing but sit in the car. Her only activity was to the take the luggage from the car to the cabin, and to eat a meal.

She did get better, and the following two days were wonderful.

You are probably planning to go from Tokyo, which is basically sea level, and go up to station 5, and then you are planning to start hiking up the volcano. Please give yourself some time to acclimate, and acclimate your body to rarefied air, before starting the accent.



The best prevention is acclimation, or just spending several hours letting your body get used to the thinner air. Many of the stations have bunks, and you can just take a nap. After all, you are going to be climbing during the evening, and not sleeping.

Good Luck, in planning your vacation.
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