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Shopping in Osaka and Tokyo 2005/3/26 16:51
Does anyone know of nice trendy shopping & shops that sells Hello Kitty in Osaka and Tokyo?

Which are the shopping areas that have Late Night Shopping till 10pm or 10opm plus?

Thank you.
by Elene  

. 2005/3/27 07:37
Many shopping areas close around 22:00 (10pm) or 23:00 (11pm)
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shop list 2005/3/28 10:55
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shop location translation 2005/3/28 22:15
Hi all,

Thank you so much for the information.

Hi Pong,

The website are in Japanese.
Is there any kind of translation of the location?

Thank you.
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tokyo 2005/3/29 00:12
Hi Elene,

There are so many stores in Japan.
I'm sorry but I don't know about Osaka so much.

I would like to recommend you the store of Ginza, Shinjuku, Odaiba, Ikebukuro or Tokyo Dome.

Which store do you want to know detail?
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Ikebukuro & Shinjuku 2005/3/30 00:53
Hi Pong,

Thank you once again.
I am interested in the area in Ikebukuro & Shinjuku.

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sanrio shops 2005/3/30 12:05
(Sunshine 60 St.)
1F Yanzu Bld.
1-12-10 Higashi Ikebukuro
Toshima, Tokyo

(Yasukuni-dori St)
Adhok Shinjuku Bld.
3-15-11 Shinjuku
Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Thanks Pong 2005/3/30 23:55
Hi Pong,

Thank you so much for the information.
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ginza, toyo dome, etc. 2005/4/22 20:28

As I'm going to Tokyo this summer and will be staying close to Ginza shopping district, could someone please translate the other adresses as well?

Anybody who know good sanrio stores for buying handbags and travel bags from Hello kitty and sanrio in Tokyo or Kyoto?

Have a lovely day!
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Translating Japanese Web page 2005/5/9 10:11

one of you had a question about translating a web page in Japanese. if you go to www.google.com, which i am sure you have all used before. Once you are at the google home page, on the right side mid way down on the screen it will say more.
click there.then scroll down to translate. then near the bottom of that page there is a place were you type in the URL of the Japanese web page, or any languge for that matter, and you select english as the languge it is translating into.

it should come up in english!

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Another links for HK Stores 2005/6/13 06:57
I am interested in Tokyo Dome and Ginza Stores.Please, can you give me the maps :) Thanks
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computers 2005/6/14 07:10
I donot know much of Japan. Would anyone kindly inform, in Tokyo where i could purchase laptop or pda with english windows OS . I should be be very very oblidged, LASTDEWDROP from England
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kitty shop 2007/6/15 19:48
someone can help me to find the map of the other sanrio gift gate in tokyo(ginza,odaiba,toyosu,etc) thank you
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shopping in Osaka 2007/6/16 03:37
the 2 main shopping areas in Osaka are Kita-Umeda and Minami-Namba
Kita-Umeda is centered around the JR Osaka station. there are 3 department stores (Daimaru, Hanshin, Hankyu) around the station plus a huge underground mall, actually several connecting malls. behind the Hankyu store is Hep five where there is a Kitty outlet.
Minami-Namba is centered aound the Nankai railway station. there is a great Takashiyama dpt store there and Namba parks, a shopping mall with suspended gardens. a few minutes walk norht of Namba is Shinshaibashi, a pedestrian streets with Sogo and Daimaru dpt stores and lots of boutiques, plus an underground mall. Kita (it means North)and Minami (South)are a 30 minutes walk apart or U can take the Midosuji subway line. check www.tourism.city.osaka.jp/en/
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Hello Kitty products 2008/8/5 17:01

Can I know if the above Sanrio shop in Shinjuku is still around?
Is this the best place to look for Hello Kitty products, or there are other cheaper options around?

Thank you.
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