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Sheet music at Kamakura Beach 2016/11/22 12:55
When I went to Kamakura Beach there was a small statue with sheet music engraved into it. Does anyone know what this song is? And if they do, is there a link somewhere where I can listen to it? I have been wondering for months now!

Here is a picture. Thank you! :) http://i.imgur.com/UNeAf1Z.jpg
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Re: Sheet music at Kamakura Beach 2016/11/22 16:46
It says さくら貝の歌 (Sakuragai no uta). Sakuragai is a small pinkish sea shell (looks like some shells are embedded into the sheet music plate in the photo).

Do a search on YouTube and you will find several versions.
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Re: Sheet music at Kamakura Beach 2016/11/22 18:34
Placed 2012 Dec.

Song title is さくら貝の歌/Sakura-gai no uta
means "Sakura shell song". (small beatiful pink one)
Written in about 100ys ago as original short Japanese poem
then 10ys after reborn to this song by composer 八洲秀章/Hideaki Yashima
who lived in Yuiga-hama beach in Kamakura. (He already died in 1985)

A lot of vids uploaded. (already answered above)
辻輝子/Teruko Tsuji ver. is original.
倍賞千恵子/Chieko Baisho(famous actress) cover ver. was also big hitted after year.

Lyrics :
Sakura(as flower) = a woman and short life.
This song written for his special girl friend who died by lung sick 18yo young.
Nami/波(waves) of beach make his loves/memories washing away.
He wished going and picking them up together, but...
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