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Domohorn Wrinkle 2016/11/22 15:20

Is it possible to buy Domohorn Wrinkle products from a departmental store in Tokyo? The current way I know, is through online purchase and they'll send from Hong Kong. I would prefer to try out the products before purchase, and hopefully, get a better deal from the home country.
by chloebb (guest)  

Re: Domohorn Wrinkle 2016/11/22 23:14
My understanding (from their frequent TV ads) is that you're supposed to order a free sample (無料お試しセット) on-line first. Do you still prefer to buy them at a department store? If so, why?
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Re: Domohorn Wrinkle 2016/11/23 10:15
They sell mainly online, and the only "physical" stores that stock them are Umeda Hankyu Department Store in Osaka and Hakata Hankyu Department Store in Kyushu. So if they currently dispatch out of Hong Kong, that probably is the only authorized distributor for your area.
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Re: Domohorn Wrinkle 2016/11/23 11:20
Thank you for the replies.

Uco, I'd prefer to buy them from a dept store so that I could have a better feel and direct understanding of the products. Also, probably some savings from currency exchange.
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