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Does anyone know this song? 2016/11/22 21:51
Hi Guys,

I want to know who sang this song and what's the name of this song.


thank you.
by louisThailand  

Re: Does anyone know this song? 2016/11/23 20:02
Finding not so hard searched by lyrics.

Title : 子守唄 komori-uta
Artist/Singer : 細坪基佳 Motoyoshi Hosotsubo

original album in 1993
newer arranged in 2014
lyrics :

He is very famous folk(acoustic) song duo ふきのとう/Fukimotou member in 1974 - 1992.
Now solo singer using own name. http://www.hosotsubo.com/12388124121238712385
(other member also still singing)
Their songs were no super big hits as record(disc sales numbers over a million)
but very famous as unforgettable great folk singer.
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Re: Does anyone know this song? 2016/11/24 15:13
Hi nodame,

Many thanks for your help.
The song is beautiful but sad.
I love this song so much.

Thank you again,
Louis from Thailand (Japanese music lover).
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