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Repair service from Sony Japan, time frame 2016/11/24 21:09

Need help from someone who is currenty living in japan, I have a digital audio player (DAP) from Sony, model NW-ZX 2, need to have the glass and LCD display replaced from Sony service center located at

Sony Service Station Akihabara
3-1-2 Ueno Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005
Phone: 03-5818-0521

Whiles I visit japan I was hoping to drop the unit off the first day at arriving in japan to have it done, does anyone have experience with Sony repair center and know what the repair time frame is, in Hong Kong it's anything from 1-3 Days, but I trust Sony Japan more than Sony Hong Kong for quality of service.

I'm not in a rush, my visit will be around mid 2017, so if anyone is living near by can pop into the service center and ask, It would be very much appreciated.

My unit is a japanese version and out of warranty period, so I know I will have to pay for the repair service and parts.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Repair service from Sony Japan, time frame 2016/11/25 23:24
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Re: Repair service from Sony Japan, time frame 2016/11/26 00:44
I like to but don't speak japanese and it's not easy to navigate through the site.
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