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Phone and wifi to Japan 2016/11/26 22:17
I have a question. Is it possible that if I bring my own wifi from my country to Japan, will it still work or not?

And can I used Asus (my phone) there too? Like making a Japanese friends contacts or using wifi there. Or I have to put a japanese sim card into my phone so it could work?
by Neptune Phua  

Re: Phone and wifi to Japan 2016/11/27 09:44
It depends on your device support frequency or not.

In Japan, Your device must support docomo's frequency.

You can check your device support or not below link.

If you don't know well, Rent a poct wifi in Japan.
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Re: Phone and wifi to Japan 2016/11/30 23:50
I think it's better to try to connect vpn or proxy server. I use PureVPN (found it here https://myipservices.com/ ). It has hign connection speed. VPN service helps me to protect my privacy and also I can stay anonymous online.
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Re: Phone and wifi to Japan 2016/12/26 20:37
Even if you don't have 4G, it's likely you should have WCDMA (3G) 2100hz on your asus, that is also available in japan, does your asus support tethering, not all phone supports this, mainly carrier phone which have them blocked or removed.
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